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Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe

It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Kathy vonDohlen at McCormack’s Secretarial Service.  I have always received excellent customer service from McCormack's Secretarial Service.  Kathy takes the time to get to know her clients as well as her candidates, and works hard to find solid matches.  I have utilized Kathy for many years for temporary secretarial coverage, as well as placement of new staff.  She is dependable, available and honest.  In a day where finding good staff can be a real challenge, Kathy has certainly made my position easier.  I am sincerely grateful for her dedication and consideration.  I have great respect for her role in the legal community and look forward to the opportunity to work with her whenever possible.


​Estes, Ingram, Foels & Gibbs, P.A.

 ​Over the years Kathy von Dohlen has provided Estes, Ingram, Foels &​ Gibbs, P.A. with qualified temps, as well as assisting with permanent​ placement of legal secretaries. We can count on McCormack's to meet​ our needs!


Bogin Munns and Munns

McCormack's Secretarial Service has helped me for over 20 years,​ when at times I could not find a knowledgeable, temporary legal secretary.​ Kathy has also placed several candidates here on a permanent basis​ with us and we have always been pleased with her quick response​to our staffing needs.”


​​​Ryan Kopf​ Attorney at Law​

“While I was working as an office manager for a local Orlando Law Firm, l I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on numerous occasions. She always provided me with competent staff for our office and was always up front and honest about every position and the candidate that she placed in our office. Kathy was always available for me when I needed to speak with her and responded promptly to any new request that I sent her. I have since left my position at that firm and am currently an attorney in Orlando. I would recommend Kathy’s services to any law firm seeking new employees. She is a pleasure to work with and is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her field.”

Garganese, Weiss & D'Agresta, P.A.

“Kathy at McCormack’s Secretarial Service has been assisting our office in providing top quality Legal Support Staff for the past 5+ years.  Kathy takes the time to understand our needs and will provide a wonderful array of resumes that best fit the firm’s needs. Kathy also assists with support in temporary assistance, which again, is always top notch. She is always the first person I call when in need. Her response is quick and effective.”​


​Taylor and Carls

“In the many years I have worked with Kathy, she has always sent me very qualified legal secretarial candidates.  Her temporary placements are well versed in legal and general office procedures and get up to speed amazingly quickly.  The candidates I have​ employed have been dependable and dedicated.  I would recommend McCormack's Secretarial Services without hesitation.” ​


McEwan, Martinez and Dukes P.A.

I have used Kathy’s services for several open positions in the 5 years I’ve been with the Firm.

The people she sends me are very qualified.  It’s so much more efficient to hire out these services and Kathy does a great job.

It’s also great to have someone working for us that understands our business.


​Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A.

“I have done business with Kathy for over 10 years. MSS is committed to quality service. Kathy is fair and competitive, but moreover, she is always direct and honest with her employees and with her clients.”​

-Ydalmis L.

​ “I am very thankful to know Kathy von Dohlen— for over 10 years. ​She has been very instrumental in getting me employment when​I was between jobs, and later, permanent positions. Her employment​ resources are the best.  I recommended Kathy to individuals looking​ for employment.”​


​​-Sue S.

“I have known and worked with/for McCormack Secretarial Services for over twenty (20) years. I have always found McCormack Secretarial Services to be very professional in all of its dealings, whether it be for a daily, weekly or long-term temporary assignment or permanent placement with an attorney.  Mrs. VonDohlen and her staff have always extended the utmost in courtesies, concerns and caring for the personnel who represent McCormack Secretarial Services. Personally, I have accepted three permanent positions through McCormack Secretarial Services, one of which I stayed in almost ten years.   Mrs. VonDohlen always goes to bat for her personnel to acquire the greatest advantage in a permanent position.”​

​-Paulette P.

​ “McCormack's Secretarial Service has been a great help to me whenever I am out of a job or if I just want to take a break in between fulltime positions.  Kathy (owner) is very flexible when it comes to placing secretaries, she never forces one to take a position one is not comfortable with just so she can make the money. She is very straightforward about the positions at which she places the secretaries.  I do believe that honesty​ is first place with her.  I would recommend that anyone looking for a position in legal administration to first consult with McCormack's Secretarial Service.”​

-Dyann R.

“I have known Kathy since the ‘80‘s.  She has always helped me in finding a job. I can always count on Kathy to find me a temp or permanent employment. I never call anyone else because I know she will always come through.”​

​-Maria P.

​ “I have worked both on a temporary and permanent basis for McCormack Secretarial Inc. for 18 years. While working with law firms in different areas of law, McCormack’s Secretarial is a well-known agency and has a great reputation in the legal community. I have had assignments throughout Orlando and the surrounding areas because of her perseverance.  Kathy has an enthusiasm and dedication in finding and placing me and others where our skills and talents are best suited. I am confident that her services are​of the utmost quality and her reputable name continues to thrive throughout the law firms in Orlando.” ​    


​-Judy R.

“McCormack's Secretarial Service is an excellent source for securing temporary, part-time or permanent employment. I have personally found Kathy to be professional in every aspect of her work and always putting her clients first in securing employment.”​

​-Denise M.

“I began working for Kathy almost 20 years ago. She placed me in a medical malpractice law firm in Orlando, and I love it. I have a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in Kathy.  All I have to do is call her and I’m working within days.  She has always paid me above-average wages. The assignments she sends me on are with professional firms.  Kathy is always there if I have a question or a problem with anything.  I have grown professionally and personally since I began working for Kathy.”​

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